Our London students visit Liverpool

During Week 10 (24-26 of april, 2017), the London-based MSc Strategic Communication programme moved to…Liverpool. Our students had the opportunity to discover the “home” university and our fantastic city, while attending part of the module COMM504 “Research Methods for Strategic Communication”, with sessions taught by various members of the Communication and Media Department. One of our students, Rosario Ruiz, wrote a report of this fabulous student experience made possible by our uniquely connected university. Thanks Rosie!

(By Rosario Ruiz)
London to Liverpool. A fantastic trip. We arrived at noon, at the same time as an avalanche of Liverpool FC fans arrived, as there was match that evening. Once we had left all our luggage and settled in, we met with our dear course leader Rudi and module coordinator, Craig, to have a good pint of beer as a welcome to the Beatles city.

pub 1

It was Sunday, still soon to go back to the hotel. We decided to go and explore a bit the city. Since Liverpool FC was playing, the city looked so quiet. We started our walk in the Albert Dock.

The Albert Dock, a historic place that is home to old warehouses, located next to the river Mersey, that have been refurnished and converted into new restaurants, shops, galleries and offices, making it one of the main attractions in the historic centre of Liverpool. In fact, this is a historic zone and these docklands are now part of the UNESCO, as some time ago this was one of the biggest trading centres in the world.


We continue our journey in the downtown, getting familiarised with the area and heading for Mathew Street, which was very close to the docklands. There we found the legendary Cavern.

The “most famous club in the world” as indicated right at the entrance, where the Beatles started playing their first gigs. But not only them, for those who love good music, you should know The Cavern had the pleasure to witness great music legends such as Queen, The Rolling Stones and The Who, among others. Needless to say, it is a must go place where you can enjoy live music.

Next day, Monday, we finally got to see the original campus in the University of Liverpool; being “London students” we were excited to visit it for the first time. We had our first sessions on Quantitative Research Methods, with prof. Simeon Yates, and City Branding and Mega Events with Dr Beatriz García.


Liverpool was rather cold for many us and so, despite visiting the city was lovely, we decided to go for a nice coffee nearby the hotel, before doing some shopping, as books were really affordable, and we end up having dinner in a lovely Lebanese restaurant.

city center

On Tuesday morning, we continued the research method sessions. Craig gave us more hints about how the use of Digital Media offers us a wide range of topics and issue for our dissertation. Then, Dr. Yannis Tzioumakis, an expert in Film and Media Industries, shared with us his passion towards cinema and his knowlege about its industrial and strategic (like how media conglomerates control film production), discussing key methodological challenges when investigating this fascinating field of communication research. Finally, Dr Rosalynd Southern introduced us to the techniques of content analysis.


After a very fruitful and intense day, we enjoyed a lovely dinner at Mowgli. It was great opportunity to meet other members of the Department, particularly the Head, prof. Kay Richardson, dr. Peter Goddard and her PhD student, Catrin Owen. The place was really a great choice, Craig. Thanks! Delicious Indian street food in a very cool place.


On Wednesday, we had the very last session with (soon Dr.) Kerry Traynor who shared with us her experience with Ethnographic Research in Media Communication.


And finally, we met with Rudi for a cup of tea before leaving at the delicious Cuthbert’s. A very sweet good bye…


On behalf of all MSc students, I would like to thank all the Department of Communication and Media for giving us such a nice welcome to the university and to the city, as well as for the guidance and advise with respect to our dissertation projects. And especially thanks to Rudi and Craig for organising and being so thoughtful with all of us. Hope we can meet soon!



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