This blog is run by the academic staff in the Department of Communication and Media at the University of Liverpool. We’ll be keeping readers up to date with news from the Department, from books published to research projects on the go and various events we’re involved with, but we’ll also be posting regular interventions into timely topics involving communication and media.

You’ll be able to read posts from the following members of staff and, we hope, some of our students:

Kay Richardson, who’s interested in socio-linguistics and media discourse

Julia Hallam, who’s interested in cultural representation and identity in film, television and popular culture

Peter Goddard, who’s interested in broadcasting history and institutions, in particular, documentary, television current affairs programming and the circulation of public knowledge via television

Yannis Tzioumakis who’s interested in American independent cinema, media industries and business, Greek cinema, the B Film, cinema and politics, and Hollywood cinema

Katia Balabanova

Les Roberts who’s interested in urban cultural studies, cultural memory, and digital spatial humanities

Georgina Turner who’s interested in gender, sexuality and media discourse

David Hill who’s interested in injustice, responsibility and the presentation of suffering; the moral and political dimensions of global media events; personal identity online; and critique of communicative capitalism


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